1. How long does my hair have to be so that waxing is a sensible choice?

In order to have a perfect waxing experience, your hair should have a minimum length of 4 mm (about 2 weeks after the last shaving). The maximum length is 2 cm.
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  1. How long can I enjoy the result of my waxing??
After about 14 days, the first hair starts to reappear. However, it will not be stubbly, but rather soft and fine.
After another 14 days, the hair again reachesthe length we need for waxing. Therefore, waxing is only reasonable once a month.
However, hair growth differs from person to person. After the first waxing you can often notice that significantly less hair is growing back.
  1. Is waxing painful?

Waxing is far less painful than most people think! The depilation with warm wax will make your body hair progressively finer and in time when waxing you can no longer talk about pain. It is ultimately only a light pull, caused by the removal of the hair bulb during waxing.

  1. How old should you be to have a waxing done?

In our studio, customers over 16 years can freely take advantage of our complete waxing services. Minor customers ought to bring a consent form from one of their parents or from their legal guardian. Consent forms are available in our studio or can be easily downloaded HERE.

  1. When should I not have a waxing?

We recommend that you refrain from waxing when you notice any injuries, irritations or skin redness.

  1. What should I consider AFTER waxing?

The skin should not be exposed to ultraviolet rays 24 hours after waxing – so, no sun or sun studio! Care products with chemical additives and alcohol-based deodorants should also not be used during this time. After about 3 days you should start with a scrub to prevent the ingrowth hair. We will be happy to advise you of how to produce your own cost-effective exfoliation scrub.